Thursday, August 09, 2007

you need this

I treated myself to a boa made by my friend M (seen in the picture modeling her work) and her talented boyfriend Jovino, who sell their work under the name of Bunnywarez, and I'm just in love with it. I want to wear it every day. Mine is black and white, snuggly but elegant.

I wish M had been making these back in the late 80's and early 90's, when I used to run around in cute dresses all the time. Not only would I have been styling, but I could have used the secret stash pockets so cunningly designed into the boa for my credit card, cash, flask, etc... (I was brutally mugged at age 22, and for about a decade after that I was quite fearful about carrying unconcealed valuables. I used to affect a punkish leather wristband with a hidden cash compartment, but the boa would have been a better solution. It's amazing how well concealed and unobtrusive these pockets are; why, even I can only find one of the two in my own boa).

In the past I wore a black and silver feather boa from time to time, which suited me well (apart from the inevitable vegetarian guilt)but had the terrible habit of dropping feathers. Lord only knows how many feathers I've left in my wake. The children took my feather boa without permission and somehow tied it into an insoluble knot, the little demons. They have been forbidden so far to wear my new, non-feather boa, except that I did ask Iris Uber Alles to model it once for a friend when my hands were unclean from cooking, but I kept my eagle eye upon her.

Now once again I have a wonderful boa, and now I'm in need of occasions upon which to be fabulous (sadly I am not attending Burning Man this year). Pick up a boa for yourself or for the most fabulous person in your life!


hughman said...

now THAT is fabulous! did you wear it to the Project Runway event? it's so 20s and gorge and YOU!

the Drunken Housewife said...

I didn't have it yet when I went to the Proj. Runway event, alas. It would have been perfect.

hughman said...

too bad. it would have been perfect.

you should also get a horny devil hat to wear to softball events.

Anonymous said...

How about that! Sounds like good fun!

(Blogging Chicks)

Anonymous said...

That's unfortunate about Burning Man. You could have met my younger brother-in-law there and seen my reality in person.