Tuesday, April 17, 2007

linkalicious love: blogs of readers & commentators

As part of the Celebrating A Year of Drunken Housekeeping, I compiled a list of blogs which link to the Drunken Housewife. Check out these readers:

Commentator 2am is in search of a new job and maybe even a new life.

A blog about SM sex which lists me under "Vague Mutterings." That's actually sort of offensive, but eh, I'll take what I can get. I used to be listed under something more flattering, but somehow I got demoted.

It's the holder of that august title, Mr. Drunken Househusband, although in reality he's sober.

The Freewheeling Spirit blogging mostly about bicycling (he's on hiatus... for no good reason that I know of. Come back, Freewheeling Spirit.)

Incisive political analysis from a liberal perspective... in Maine of all places. It's Jim, our marathoner-in-training.

More incisive political analysis, but with tits.

It's our Grand Prize Winner, Jack's Raging Mommy! She is the only mommy I know who reads as much as I do, and she has a great rack.

The thoughtful Susan has a more conservative viewpoint to offer and two of the world's cutest little boys.

A spunky Texan I'd love to go drinking with.

Liminal musings: She's smart, as you can tell by the use of the word "liminal."

A cutie who does a lot of Sudoku.

A thoughtful personal blog, with an aging parent and some good politics.

Another fine drinking woman.

She likes cats, palm trees, and books: great taste all around.

A blog written by a mother who is much nicer than I am!

Bikecentric blogging with a sense of humor.

A European living in the U.S., with a thoughtful perspective.


Silliyak said...

In my defense, I bought some gluten free beer the other day and I promise to try it soon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link!

Unknown said...

Let us know how it goes, Silliyak.

Dcup, no, thank YOU. Although I have lived in Nancy Pelosi's district for years, I never stopped to consider that she had a fine rack before reading your site.

Silliyak said...

Note to self: don't drink a beer before bedtime unless I want to wear out the floor between bed and toilet further.

Anonymous said...

DH - I've always said that anyone who feels inappropriately categorized merely needs to drop me a note with another suggestion.

I put you in the "Vague Mutterings" slot because you don't seem to be an overt "sex blogger," and you have some interesting opinions and rants on a wide range of subjects.

Of course, the same could be said for any number of others on my blogroll as well.

What do you think would be a better fit?

Unknown said...

Dear Tom, I appreciate the love inherent in the link and do hate to be such a picky old thang. It just seems so unflattering, "vague mutterings." Mutterings? And vague ones at that? It sounds like a description of an unfortunate Alzheimer's patient. But it's your blog and your categories, and you may file the old Drunken Housewife where it seems she belongs. cheers, dh

Anonymous said...

Okay, I just thought I'd offer. Certainly no offense meant.

the Drunken Housewife said...

Oh, Tom, I appreciate the compliment you gave me by including the link, truly. Don't mind my vague mutterings of complaint about the header!

Anonymous said...

Not sure how I feel about being called an 'aging parent'!!!!!!! (wanders off mumbling about the youth of today...)

Anonymous said...

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