Tuesday, August 28, 2007

no time

Since the Sober Husband took his fabulous new job at Doggy-o, we see little of each other. He used to work at home several days a week, and we'd have a leisurely cup of coffee over the papers together, and often I'd make a nice lunch for us all. But now, he's gone from before I get up until 7:00 or later at night, and he also works at home whenever the children permit. When we are together, we've been intermittently squabbling about the kittens and housework (the children and I had a virus last week, and the house went to hell in a handbasket. I dragged my feverish carcass around to clean the litterboxes regularly, but that was about it).

Then last night Lola found an old batch of pictures from when the husband and I were first dating. We both got quite sentimental (me over my lost looks as well as over how adorable we looked when we were first together. We looked so young then!) This morning, the husband woke me up to say goodbye and said, "I don't get to see you enough." That wasn't as sad, though, as what Lola said. At breakfast, Lola pored over a book about the Simpsons and pointed out a picture of Homer and Marge kissing. "You never kiss any more because Daddy is only for Doggy-o." Oh, the wisdom of a four year-old.


hughman said...

then again, Homer hangs out at Moes and is bald.

hughman said...

also -

"Mmmmm.... caaaakkke...".