Monday, August 13, 2007

well, talk about observant

As I drove home today, I noticed a stop sign had been installed at the end of my block. It was always a dangerous intersection, where you can't see oncoming traffic, and now it's a dangerous intersection with stop signs on my street, but not the intersecting street. The only thing which stops this intersection from hosting regular bloodbaths is that we get very little traffic up here in this corner of the city.

"When did they put stop signs here? I never noticed them before," I observed.

"At least a month ago!" Iris said snappily.

"That long?" I stared critically at the signs; one of them had graffitti already.

"Maybe back in June." Iris was positive.

I usually drive the other way on our block... and I always stopped, even with no stop sign, because to drive through that blind intersection without stopping for a little look-see would be the act of someone either much more arrogant than me or more suicidal.. but still, only a particularly unobservant idiot would have failed to notice the installation of a stop sign on her very own block. Sigh. Lola once accused the Sober Husband of "dumbening every day"; I think that I am.


hughman said...

that iris. perhaps her security detail alerted her to the change.

Silliyak said...

She probably ordered the sign installed.

Anonymous said...

she's probably who tagged it.

Trouble said...

Your graffiti problem never ceases to amaze me (not yours, personally, but SF's).

Anonymous said...

does it say 'monkey knife fight'?