Thursday, August 23, 2007

heaven is a cruel place

Iris Uber Alles (who turns 8 tomorrow!) and four year-old Lola have been playing heaven lately.

"I'm going to have a fashion show," said Lola happily.

"There's no fashion show in heaven!" said Iris sternly.

"Well, there could be a fashion show."

"No! Lola, Jesus is going to be mad at you."

"I want a fashion show," said Lola stubbornly.

""LOLA, Jesus is going to hate you! He's going to hit you if you have a fashion show."


Missy said...

The Church of Iris is a tough one, indeed.

hughman said...

Happiest Birthday Iris!

"Jesus" might frown on a fashion show indeed. But I personally think a runway for God is a GREAT idea!

2amsomewhere said...

(seconding hughman's birthday wish)

But I personally think a runway for God is a GREAT idea!

I'm thinking for the background music... something produced by Giorgio Moroder, or at the very least, lots of sampled handclaps.


Anonymous said...

the fashionable are smoted

Anonymous said...

Funny how kids only pull the Jesus card when they want to get their way. Now, who ELSE do we know who does that?

(Sorry, I know that's not PC. I just can't resist my baser instincts.)