Sunday, August 26, 2007

wan' cake?

I just explained, in possibly too much painstaking detail, how to make the world's most delightful chocolate cake over at my food blog, so if you're in a cake mood, wander on over.

Last week I actually made two cakes, as it was both the Sober Husband and Iris Uber Alles's birthdays. For the Sober Husband, I made a very fancy cake I'd been longing to try for ages. It was a lemon bundt cake with caramel, which took over 4 hours to make. The cake had a limoncello syrup brushed over it when it was fresh out of the pan, and then a layer of caramel was applied to create a crisp shell. I actually burnt the hell out of my left hand on the caramel and had to finish the cake -- and indeed the entire festive meal -- clutching an icebag in my left hand. The cake was then served with whipped cream made with fresh lime juice. It was good, but honestly I'm not going to bother to make it again. It wasn't good enough to justify all those hours of work, although perhaps my outlook is flavored by the fact that my left index finger still hurts.

For Iris's birthday, I gave her my big Cook's Illustrated baking book and let her pick the cake she wanted. She chose a sour cream fudge cake, which Lola simply adores. I don't think this recipe is half as good as the easier cake recipe I posted at Cooking with the Drunken Housewife, but Lola is in heaven eating this cake.

Anyhow, we're suffering from a surfeit of cake here. I threatened to compost the remains of the Sober Husband's cake to make space for Iris's cake, but the Husband was appalled. He's still enjoying that cake and takes the position that one can not have too much cake about the house. Bon appetit, y'all!


hughman said...

i agree with the SH. Never Too Much Cake.

Silliyak said...

Ah, nothing says love like the smell of burnt flesh and cake.

Anonymous said...

I could use some cake right this minute. And at my house? no cake.

So, I have to agree with the SH. You'll likely want it later in a time of crisis. You might even turn on each other..."Well, hell, I want cake too, but, I'm not the one who threw out a perfectly good cake last year!!!"

always keep the cake.

Silliyak said...

Moonrabbit is interested in the limoncello recipe since she made scads of limoncello awhile back.