Tuesday, August 21, 2007

when we amuse others

We were waiting to order bagels this morning, and Iris Uber Alles asked me, "Mom, when you were an attorney, were you ever on the news?" (Seven year-old Iris Uber Alles has taken up watching the McNeil-Lehrer hour, much to her little sister Lola's disgust. "I can't believe it; it's so BORING!" shouts Lola).

"No," I answered honestly (although a brief I helped write was quoted in many newspapers, I knew Iris only wanted to hear about television appearances). "I was on the news when I was a lawyer, but not for being a lawyer. I was on the news for doing wildlife rehabilitation and for being at Burning Man."

A middle-aged woman waiting for her bagel let out a big snort of laughter and turned around and stared at me. The children were a bit nonplussed at her reaction. After all, Mommy was just answering a question.


hughman said...

i've been on TV, three times actually, yet i bet my appearances were NOTHING compared to yours! nothing was burning, my chest was hidden and i wasn't high. your turn!

the Drunken Housewife said...

Me & Iris were also on TV together once, being interviewed about the conflict between unleashed dogs & unleashed toddlers in SF parks! Since Iris was only a toddler, she was silent.

hughman said...

mine was only stupid "fashion tV" stuff when i worked in that biz in NYC. one was with Tracy Ross (Diana Ross's daughter) for a "makeover", if you could ever see the tapes, you'd see i was so over it all.