Thursday, August 02, 2007

something to look forward to

"When I die," said seven year-old Iris Uber Alles, "I want you to pass out T-shirts at my funeral to everyone. They should say, 'Let her R.I.P.' Get it? R. I. P.?"

She paused in thought, then went on. "No! We should do it at YOUR funeral! Then I can get one! And I won't have to wait so long!"

With heavy sarcasm, I said, "Oh, that will give you something to look forward to," but Iris was too happy with the thought of the t-shirt to pick up on the undertone. "Yes! It will!" she said cheerfully.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! So young, yet so diabolical. I'd keep an eye on that one. ;)

hughman said...

yes, because if there's one thing funerals lack it's novelty tees.

the Drunken Housewife said...

I'll make sure all the readers are invited to the funeral and get T-shirts!

Anonymous said...

I have a long-winded story about trying to pick out an appropriate shirt for my estranged hippie father to wear in his coffin. In a rush, I grabbed one from the laundry pile that had a silk-screen of his favorite band on the back. It wasn't until the viewing at the funeral that I saw that the FRONT of his t-shirt had a glossy transfer of a motor-cross biker popping a wheely with the slogan "do it in the dirt".