Tuesday, January 23, 2007

a suspicious Lola

Lola watched a little bit of the Teletubbies this morning, and she was charmed by seeing multiple Laa Laas splayed across the screen. "Look! Four Laa Laas!"

"Hey, imagine if we had four Lolas!" I said.

She immediately frowned and folded her arms in front of her chest. "I wouldn't like that."

"Why not? Imagine four Lolas! We could have so much fun!"

Lola kept frowning.

"We could have a team! A team of Lolas!"

With a huge expression of distaste, Lola said darkly, "I wouldn't be surprised."


Anonymous said...

for the comic relief alone, these stories make me almost - almost - want to have kids.

Anonymous said...

Lola shows signs that she may not be a team player.

On a tangential note, is it just me, or is the episode about Tinky Winky spilling his Tubby Custard just a wee bit disturbing?