Thursday, January 04, 2007

the child is inscrutable

Seven year-old Iris writes on pads of paper and leaves them lying about the house. I picked one up this evening:


I have been to where I am now many times, but I dont have anoufe money to afourd much money for the process, but I may be able to move the building matereals.

"I have been to where I am now many times." Me too, Iris, me too. Likewise, I don't have enough money to afford much money for the process, but you've lost me on moving the building materials.


Anonymous said...

I think if my daughter made plans like this I would be terrified.


Anonymous said...

Could it be she's thinking about going the do-it-yourself route rather than hiring contractors?

Look on the bright side, if her intentions are less than noble, DIY adds a lot of time onto the completion date.

In the meantime, let us know whether the building materials are cardboard or enriched uranium. That will determine my plan of action.

Anonymous said...

She's saying that an increase in her allowance would make her feel more like royalty. As royalty, she should not be required to go through the dreadful process of asking you for it.

Anonymous said...

this may be the best first line for an epic novel EVER! (or at least in 5000 years!)

Anonymous said...

Latest Rat Man news! He's moving!

Anonymous said...

Does she play the sims?
It totally sounds like something from the sims.

someone who wasn't addicted to the NEVER!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, she's suffered through worse -lived in worse places than this. Many times. So while she'd love to be able to afford a nicer castle, she will survive. she'll make do by renovating - using discount building materials.