Monday, January 15, 2007

guest appearance by seven year-old Iris

As a person in the family, I am the older sister in the family. And I think I should have a special name too, such as Drunken Housewife or Sober Husband. So I think there should be a contest on who thinks of the best name, because I can't think of one. I will choose the wining name.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps...Precocious Oldest?
You crack me up, Iris! Please keep that fantastic personality forever.

Anonymous said...

Pithy Daughter. You always have an appropriate response for every situation. I will ask my 7 year old if she has any ideas when she gets home from school today.

Love Bites said...

I suggest Bossy Older Sister (BOS for short). ;)

Anonymous said...

How about the Inscrutable Sovreign of Squealing?

Hey, I tried coming up with something that would acronymize to IRIS, but it was a bridge too far. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Princess Fire and Music!

Anonymous said...

Because I want to win the contest, and because Iris is choosing the winner, I propose:

Her Majesty, Iris queen of cats

Anonymous said...

Iris Uber Alles

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