Wednesday, September 27, 2006

you don't have to take my word for anything

The Sober Husband has agreed to answer any questions anyone may have for him, frivolous or serious. So if there's any question you would care to ask, ask away in a comment on this blog.

And speaking of questions for the old ball and chain, nearly four year-old Lola asked him intensely this morning at breakfast, "Daddy, are you with me or against me?"


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're raising a Republican there!

Green said...

I have a question for the sober husband please. I have a lamp like this:

It's two + years old. Today when I went to dust it, I noticed that one of the lamp thingies was slightly discolored and cracking. A piece even came off in my hand. Upon further examination I realized the heat from the lightbulb is melting the ... "casing" or whatever the word is. Am I going to light my room on fire? Is it time to buy a new lamp? I should throw this one out, right? But it's okay to buy virtually the same thing from Target right? Because I really like the look of the one I have. Or no?

Drunken, thank you for offering up your husband in this manner - as soon as I realized I had a problem and should consult with someone who would know of such things, I immediately thought of you two.