Sunday, September 03, 2006

"Bossy Little Lola Land"

The other day, Lola was being quite dictatorial and making up some sort of impossible-to-follow-set-of-rules for me in some game where we would travel to "Friendsland", but we were never managing to get there because poor stupid old Mommy couldn't understand all Lola's commands. I said, "Friendsland? More like Bossy Little Lola Land!" This seized Lola's attention. She said, "Yes! Bossy Little Lola Land is on Bossy Little Lola Street! That is where we will go!"

Ever since, she has been sojourning, in her imagination, in Bossy Little Lola Land. But last night, when she was kissing me good night, she rebelled when I suggested that she might visit Bossy Little Lola Land in her dreams. This provoked a tantrum. Evidently Bossy Little Lola Land is only for waking hours.

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