Monday, September 11, 2006

problems in the extended family

In this situation, I can find no humor. In my extended family, located in another time zone, a newborn baby was placed in foster care due to abuse. I am waiting and hoping today for a call back from the caseworker, as I want to offer our home up as a possible placement for the baby. In this family, I think objectively that most people would choose me as the best person to take this baby, but in reality, it is not likely to happen because I'm located in another state. I know that social workers are obligated to have a reunification plan and protect the parents' rights, which cannot realistically be done if the baby is sent out of state. Sigh.

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Green said...

Hugs to you, and pats on the back to you for opening your home that way. I come from a family who's motto is "Stay out of it/none of our business" and am fascinated by and in awe of people who take a step forward and say "I'll get involved."

I hope the baby winds up somewhere safe and loved. I hope someday Lucy and Iris realize how great their mom is.