Friday, September 08, 2006

A beam of sunshine

To balance out the negativity I've been expressing here, Herewith a List of Things Iris And I Love:

"First thing is rats," instructs Iris. "Rats."

"What else do we like?"

"Life!" said Iris.


"Life!", in ringing tones.

"Oh, life." This is getting a little too positive for the Drunken Housewife.

"We like animals," added Iris rather obviously.

"What else do we like? Caramelized onions?"

"Yeah! And Cutebone and Goosebye![pet rats]."

"How about Panama?"

"Yeah! And Italy! Italy, I think, should be on the list."

"And chocolate. And... books."


"And... Anton."


"Anything else? 'The Simpsons'?"

"Yeah! 'The Simpsons!'"

"And sleeping late?"


"Is that about it?"

"Yeah, I guess that's about it."

p.s. The next day, I realized we left monkeys and Halloween off our list.

"Iris, I can't believe we didn't put monkeys on our list of things we love."

"That's bad. There should definitely be monkeys."

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