Friday, September 15, 2006

a (possibly grand) experiment

So in an effort to Do Something about how mean Iris is to her little sister, Anton devised a plan (which is still being tweaked), inspired by the points system at Hogwarts. Every day, we give Iris points if we are inspired by her kindness or even simple civility towards her sister, and we subtract points if she's mean. If she accumulates enough points, she'll get a skirt she wants from Gymboree and a tour of the Jellybelly factory.

Iris has of course already figured out how to game the system. On Day One, she was being rather nasty to her sister until I remarked that she was getting a lot of negative points. "I love Lola! I love Lola! I love Lola!" she started saying rather cynically.

Lola, pathetically enough, was delighted. "Hassie* is good!" Lola exclaimed, basking in the synthetic love.

"How many points is that?" Iris asked.

"Not enough."

"I love Lola! I love Lola! I love Lola!"

*Hassie = Hassenpfeffer, a nickname for Iris

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Green said...

Can I please come with you to the tour of the Jellybelly factory?