Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hello earthlings!

Hello it is me Iris Uber Alles and I am supposed to post on this blog while momdude is away. I'm supposed to say that momdude had her operation today. She is fine.


here is a picture of two snakes kissing for you to enjoy.

awesome huh?

I just finished my homework for the week and I can't wait until next week when there will be no school and no homework!!!

ski week rocks except for the fact that all my friends leave town and rent a giant house in Lake Tahoe. I am somewhat alone for the whole week, but it is still fun to lie around and watch tv.

I hate the stupid digital converter box thingy! It makes the tv worse when it's supposed to make it better!!!

I think I've said too much so I'm going to stop.



Anonymous said...

those snakes in that picture have weird skales.


hughman said...

i think those snakes are having a stare contest! your first post here was great :).

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with my TV. worse not better.

Oldsoul_NotQuite said...

Iris Uber Alles, you make me laugh.

Hanna said...

Great Post! Glad to know your momdude left us in good hands!

Joyce said...

Are you talking about Roku? Did you get a Roku? I am so glad you posted, I wanted to know what was going on w/o having to bother anyone one the smellular.

Anonymous said...

Hi Iris! So what books are you reading lately?

Thanks for the update on momdude.

I mailed her a package today so if you could help by watching out for it that would be great.

Hugs, Missy

Anonymous said...

I didn't get a Roku, a year ago all people without cable tv had to get a digital converter box in order to get any channels. Lately I've been reading the Princess Bride, The Invisible Thread, and now I'm reading Notes From a Liar and her dog.


Joyce said...

ohhh princess bride is a GREAT book. LOVE IT. i know another one you would like, george macdonald's the princess and the goblin. william golding, YEAH!