Monday, February 15, 2010

field trip to the bathroom (Hello Earthlings, Momdude is back in this post,)

Iris' take on the story;

(Note, this may not make any sense whatsoever.)

Since Lucy did not like the idea of the Nueva School, Momdude has been thinking about joining a homeschooling group for children. While I was in the tub, it got brought up. Once I understood the conversation, I said, "I think she'd get a PhD in video games." Then Momdude frowned. After some more jibber-jabber I don't remember, Lucy said, "Could we study toilets?" So Momdude said, (Momdude asked I removed this part, "I didn't sound like that. I was much more sophisticated." So Lucy looked all enthusiastic. And then they started talking about what they would study about how people go to the bathroom. And then I said, "You could take a field trip to the bathroom!" And then everybody laughed.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I mean she is back as in she edited it.

Anonymous said...


hughman said...

having a good editor is important. it makes your writing stronger. i went and looked at pearls and swine cartoons last night, btw. they are funny! i like the jellyfish. thanks for the referral!

Joyce said...

You can learn a LOT from toilets! Engineering, math, geometry, chemistry! Where does the poo go when you flush it? How do we filter and clean it? Etc. etc. It sounds like a brilliant idea to me.

Silliyak said...

Joyce forgot the most important thing you can learn from toilets....JOKES! Potty humor!!!!

Plus many countries grow crops in sewage.

Wasn't it Ben Franklin who invented the toilet? And you can learn all about Thomas Crapper!

Missy said...

Yeah, my 13 y/o came home from her pre-AP science class saying that this week, they had studied Pooping, and she knew way more than she had ever wanted to know about the subject.

Glad Momdude is back!

My all time favorite Pearls Before Swine is a strip where Rat is making a list of People I Don't Like and People I Don't Know Yet but Will Dislike (more or less) and Pig tells Rat that's so cynical, etc. etc. So Rat crosses out the second column and titles it, "Future Disappointments."