Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Cat by Iris

So everyone knows Ray Charles, (Baby, as called by Momdude,) the most depressed cat on the face of the Earth. He just sits around all sad and self-pitying. He is very sad and likes to suck on clothing as if it were his mother. He is over a year old now and was never weened.

One day at my art class in golden gate park, daddude came to pick me up, and I had a drawing of his bird. I had drawn the bird with a mad looking eyebrow, and daddude said that didn't make sense because birds don't have emotions and don't feel anger. When I told this to Momdude, she pointed out that his bird DOES have anger, it is a very VERY mad bird and wants everyone in the house (except for daddude,) killed. Momdude said that "Baby" had plenty of emotions that he was always expressing.

Ray Charles is frequently pointed out as an idiot. He is good friends with our other idiot cat, Henry. They love each other more then they love the people who give them food. Lucy wrote a comic about them getting married and having a baby who was an idiot. The comic reads;

One day two cats got married.

They were Ray Charles and Henry.

One day they had a baby.

It was an idiot.

But it fell well into the family.

They were all idiots!

Currently Ray Charles is huddled under the bed feeling depressed for no apparent reason.



hughman said...

what? no snakes? i feel robbed!

Emma-Louise said...

I'm with you, Hughman.