Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the convalescent's day

Yesterday was my first day since surgery I didn't have a companion by my side, a caretaker to fetch me my meds, drinks, and whatever else I wanted. The children were back to school after winter break, and the Sober Husband went back to work after a week and a half's family leave.

The day started by my realizing I'd let the cup of coffee the Sober Husband brought me before making his escape get cold. I didn't feel up to getting myself another cup of coffee, and so I just took a painkiller and wrote off the possibility of coffee. I felt weird and lonely (not having had a moment alone since my surgery) and weak and pathetic. I didn't feel well enough to play Warcraft, but after a while, I did manage to log in and play easy Warcraft (Warcraft can actually be rather demanding, and dulled by pain meds, I've been just doing easy things in the land of Azeroth.. especially since on one of my first returns to the World, I was running a random heroic dungeon with one of my guildies and some unknown players, and I realized afterward that I'd gone through the whole thing on my rogue without using poisons on my daggers. I had wondered why I was doing so little damage, heh. In a more sharply aware group, I would have been summarily voted out for that stupid mistake, but this group contained a sympathetic guild member of mine as a healer, a new tank who was continually apologizing for his own perceived errors, and two remarkably tolerant other strangers who mostly devoted their energy towards cleaning up after the tank and reassuring him. Usually the World of Warcraft is not such a kind and encouraging place).

I did manage to microwave myself some lunch, noting darkly to myself that I wasn't going to be getting good service any more. As the day wore on, I took a nap, which was interrupted by a hangup call and by construction racket. After a few hours of interrupted sleep, I felt like hell, and I was long overdue a painkiller. After the painkiller sank in, I played a bit more Warcraft, and then the husband arrived with the children. Asking me how my day went, he got up, saying, "Good! Good! You didn't even mention pain anywhere!" before I'd gotten to the part about how awful I felt after my lame nap.

"Come back here!" I shouted at him querulously. "I was just getting to the part about the pain!" I am certain he rolled his eyes then.


Missy said...

Cranky is a sign of getting better, so I hope you are continuing to recover (although without the pain!)

The package I sent you came back, courtesy of Heightened Security Requirements. It seems handing a package to one's friendly postal person is not enough. So, as soon as I get to stand in line in person at an actual postal facility, (sometime this week) your package will be in the mail.

Hugs! Missy

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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the Drunken Housewife said...

That is so sweet of you to think of me, Missy! I'll be looking forward to that.

Missy said...

Okay, the package is on its way...again. I have to tell you that at our slightly more rural postal office, the post office employee looked at the package rather quizzically. He peeled off the two big stickers (obliterating your name) that marked it as Suspicious and In Violation of Heightened Security Requirements. He counted up the stamps I had put on it (which some other postal employee had nicely stamped over with some official red stamp) added them up using a piece of paper and pen (I was glad to see he had to "carry" on paper just as I do) and after asking, "This is a book, right?" said, "There's more than enough postage here."

I said, "It probably went all the way to San Fransisco and was sent back."

He said, (not smiling) "It probably did."

So, it's on its way...again.
Missy (())

GodsKid said...

Say -- how big an incision did they make? (without grossing out the men in the audience). I'm about to have the same thing done in 2 months.

Anonymous said...


I am new here..First post to just say hi to all community.


Drunken Housewife said...

Godskid, can you email me at drunkenhousewife@gmail.com, and I'll share the gorier details for you? Cheers!