Monday, July 14, 2008

shark update

Today was Lucy's swimming class, and once again, when informed of that fact, her lip swelled out and her eyes brimmed with tears. "Bad dream!" she said, telegraphing her vivid memory of that infamous "killer shark" nightmare she had nearly six months ago.

"But you have the shark charm now!" I said, exasperated that my hard work and innovation in creating a "Lucy Is The Shark Queen" necklace wasn't getting me farther. Evidently a shark keep-away charm only has one use before it wears off, I learned.

I made the mistake of trying to discuss the shark possibility rationally. "Sharks can't be in swimming pools. They need deep water, in the ocean."

Lucy was unconvinced.

"How would it get in there? You drive there. Sharks can't take cars."

Stubbornly Lucy insisted, "But it looks like shark water. Kind of green."


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

she's wrong. the water isn't green. And I'm the one who should know because I'm the one who has to be sitting down on a uncomfortable bench, staring through the glass wall that separates the waiting room from the swimming pool. I've got just about nothing to do but stare at the water, and doing so I find out that I'm the only one who is.