Friday, July 11, 2008

hell is a bit frosty

Yesterday a number of well-nigh unbelievable things happened. First of, I took as many books as I could carry to sell at a used bookstore, and the buyer bought every single one. "I'd like to thank you for bringing these books in; they're great!" he said. The last time I tried to sell books, it was a highly humiliating affair, with a twenty-something visibly sneering at me and informing me that I clearly didn't grasp the particular bookstore's niche, which was especially irksome given that I'd bought almost all those very same books there in the first place. The Sober Husband won't take my used books around to used bookstores, having come to view it as a humiliating exercise in wasting time.

A bit more pedestrian miracle -- but also one which had never occurred before -- happened when we went to the grocery store. Not only had I remembered to bring reusable cloth bags from home, our groceries fit perfectly into those bags. No space left; no need for an additional, non-disposable bag. Additionally the middle-aged, well-dressed woman whose access to the mini-quiches we (meaning Iris and Lucy) blocked was not cranky with us, but instead exchanged a cordial conversation upon the joys of tiny frozen quiches.

The geekier amongst us might also marvel at the fact that I did some group quests in a pick-up-group on World of Warcraft, and not one person complained, looted inappropriately, stomped off, or otherwise behaved poorly. Instead, some tricky work was well-executed by total strangers cooperating and communicating delightfully.

And in that same day, some exhibitionist with too much money made an offer on that wretched new house.

I'm not sure when we will experience another day of oddities like that one. Today seems all too unexceptional, with me being awakened by Iris informing me that "Frowsty killed a mouse in the garden, and there are lots of bugs on it."


Silliyak said...

All hail Frowsty, Rodent Master

hughman said...

hell is a bit frowsty/

Silliyak said...

Or an alternate title might be Hell is a Frowsty bite.

Anonymous said...

A functional pug in WoW? Sounds like an oxymoron. Way to show your geek colors - most people treat Warcraft like it's a dirty little secret :p

Freewheel said...

Wow! I can't believe we're going to be neighbors.

the Drunken Housewife said...

It's about time you showed your face around here, Freewheel. I want an explanation for what you did with your blog!

Anon, I did two really great PUGs on Hellfire Peninsula. I killed off all my group quests for HP (except "Drill the Drillmaster", which everyone else had done, sigh). I also did a good group quest yesterday in Zangarmarsh with a stranger. I have such better luck in Outlands with PUGs, except that I tried doing the Zangarmarsh instance with a PUG, and that didn't go so well (the "healer" didn't know how to heal but very graciously admitted it, and the designated "tank" didn't run up in front). I think it's better in OUtlands because it requires some wit and stick-to-itiveness to get a character up to at least 58. On the other hand, I was riveted yesterday when in Zangarmarsh chat, two guys became so angry at each other that one was demanding a duel -- and everyone on wanted to watch -- but the other demanded that the first provide his real life address so that they could fight in real life. Sigh. Allegedly they were 27 and 30 years old.