Saturday, July 19, 2008

the innocence of a dear child

Five year-old Lucy eagerly asked her big sister the other day, "Do you know what I want??!!"

Iris replied bitterly, "To kill me."

Lucy was surprised and took a moment to think. Speaking slowly, she said, "Well, yes, I do want to kill you, but I was thinking that I want a milkshake."


2amsomewhere said...

(wonders if this would have been an appropriate moment for Iris to have retorted with that with that over quoted line from There Will Be Blood)


Unknown said...

OMG..THAT killed me.
your girls are brilliant CLM!

SkippyMom said...

I have really enjoyed reading you blog this morning [just found it] but I have to ask - does this kind of thing ever concern you?

At first reading [I am reading current ---> back] I thought "Oh, cute - so tongue in cheek!" But now being this far back it seems to be a running theme with really young children.

I ask in all honesty - no judgement - it is just that having raised a few kids ourselves, very close in age, I never heard talk of killing, wanting to kill and Satan as your girls seem so pre disposed to do at a moments notice.

Is this a phase I am unaware of?

I do mean this honestly because, personally, I do like your blog, but it is terribly disconcerting to read these type of episodes repeatedly.


the Drunken Housewife said...

Skippy Mom, I am not offended by your comment. To be honest, sometimes it does disturb me, and sometimes I do wonder.

Iris and Lola's behavior is very normal and good at school; they both have lots of friends. It's only when they are together that this comes out. It's something about the mix of them that brings it out.

My husband and I don't sit around talking about killing or Satan. Iris had been working her way through Harry Potter and that's a big influence... they are both fascinated by vampires from an early age on. I think given the immense popularity of "twilight" that vampire awareness and fascination is huge among little girls nowadays. They may not be old enough to read "Twilight" yet, but it has spawned so many other books, products, etc... and general awareness of vampires as cool