Wednesday, December 12, 2007

storing our most treasured possessions

Our house has a weird hidden compartment low in the kitchen. It's clearly designed for storing contraband. The husband terms it a Prohibition thing, and he may be right (the house is old enough).

Today Lola revealed that she had been storing the ribbons she earned at her swimming class there. (She has a rainbow ribbon for not crying, a green ribbon for dog paddling six feet, and most recently and gloriously! a blue ribbon for performing six "upfaces", i.e., swimming far enough with her face in the water that she must raise her head to breathe six times).

If we were ever burgled, the swimming ribbons would have been secure!


hughman said...

i bet that hidden compartment has a LOT of great stories. this is another one.

Missy said...

We have a safe compartment hidden in the attic. Can you imagine crawling in their in the Texas heat to access anything?

I love the idea of something hidden during Prohibition!

Missy said...

I didn't spell "there" correctly. That should be "thyar."