Wednesday, December 05, 2007

achievement du jour

So today I had set myself, for once, a list of things to achieve and had even blown off a lunch invitation from friend (and occasional commenter) Joyce in my zeal for achievement, but that was interrupted by an official phone call announcing that the normally uberhealthy Iris Uber Alles had spiked a high fever at school. I told the school I'd be there in 45 minutes, which was greeted by a sigh and the distinct inference that I am a slacking, unsatisfactory mother (I thought 45 minutes was pretty prime! What if I'd been in court or in the East Bay?).

Hence, my planned day of productivity became a day of keeping a feverish child company. We have snuggly foster kittens, we have warm blankets, and we have a laptop. On the one occasion I ventured downstairs, the fevered child dragged herself from the bed to cry plaintively from the stairs, "Mommy? Where are you?"

However, that didn't stop me from making progress towards crossing off one of the "evergreens" from my to-do list. I suspect even the most die-hard readers have forgotten that I vowed to invent a Drunken Housewife cocktail. With a headache and a crabby child confined to bed, I felt like a drink, and on the spur of the moment, I combined a healthy shot of vodka with a large dose of maple syrup(inspired by a throw-away mention by the esteemed Eric Felten that maple syrup can be used in cocktails), plus some sparkling water. As they would say in the Philippines, "Masarap!" Fabulous! I may just need to refine this and dub it with the Drunken Housewife nomme. Cheers, y'all.


hughman said...

the vodka pancake! better than gin benedict.

Silliyak said...

Give a long distance virtual hug to IUA from both of us.

2amsomewhere said...

Vodka with maple syrup... Would that be a Log Cabin Russian?

(awaiting hughman to throw something at me)

Vodalus said...

If you're interested, I posted pics of my "Fairy Unicorn Princess" Halloween Costume.

Freewheel said...

Maple syrup! You really are a Maineiac!

Epiphany said...

Hmmm, clearly you need some sort of fruity apertif to round it off. What goes well with maple? (Mustard, something often combined with maple syrup in sauces, is out of the question.) What about orange, like some triple sec or grand marnier? Or the honey-flavored Barenjager?

And will the cocktail be called the Drunken Housewife?