Tuesday, September 04, 2007

wrapping it up, but with less to vacuum up than Jerry Lewis

The readers may be relieved to learn, bless your little hearts, that I'm wrapping up our Labor Day Internetethon! I'm not spraying confetti everywhere (the kittens would probably try to eat it), but I'm celebrating. We currently have $255 in pledges and donations, plus another two unspecified pledges of support towards the poor mangled baby's $400 vet bill.

Thank you, everyone, with special love going out to Zim, Silliyak, Hughman, Michelle in SoCal, Alison in New Zealand, Missy, Joyce, Captain Steve, Lee in Oregon. I love you. You have made my life so much better. Before Internetethon: husband complaining many times a day about cost of kitten's care, even sleeping in different room at low point. (It's a psychological breaking point for the man whenever I spend more on an animal than he earns in a day. "I can't work for rats", he said once memorably, and evidently he can't work for kittens, either. Now in general there is a mood of generosity and love reigning in our home, without the stinginess and pennypinching associated with Husband 1.0, the Scotch-Drinking Husband, but whenever the Daily Earnings Threshold is exceeded for an animal, the grudge is on). After Internetethon: Sober Husband touched by support of readers, no longer complaining, complimenting wife's appearance in tank top, even assisting in syringing out the poor mauled baby's surgical drain. So yes, you've kept me in the kitten rescue business; I can only continue this time-consuming volunteer work which fills our homes with kittens and litterboxes with his support. It's a messy, smelly, expensive business, but with so much fluffy love at stake.

And, although it is time for our dear Internetethon to draw to a close, those who have too been busy cavorting in the Labor Day sun to participate may jump in at the last minute. You can click on the button below to donate instantaneously, or you can send a check to me at Box #452, 2261 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114.


hughman said...

well at least you didn't say "faggot" like senile old jerry did.

but you did good momma. we are all proud of you and how you've cared for this small life. and the kitten too.

Silliyak said...

I DEMAND a video of you singing "Memories" (from Cats) a cappella! Maybe the whole fam damily! It can be an annual tradition.

Unknown said...

Ah, "Memories" - that would be great.

For future reference, does PayPal charge you for PayPal-to-PayPal transfers?

I was going to drop a check but the
instant gratification was too much
for me to resist.

the Drunken Housewife said...

Paypal does take a little bite, but I don't begrudge them because they allow people to use either credit cards or their bank accounts to transfer money instantaneously. It's a very handy service. Also they give a 5% interest rate, so sometimes I leave some money parked in my account and get some little dividends.