Saturday, September 08, 2007


The Sober Husband is a huge fan of the cult BBC science fiction show, "Red Dwarf", and Iris Uber Alles loves it as well. Lately she has broken out the "Red Dwarf" collection again. Last night she was watching an episode in which the slobby hero plants a lot of geeky and annoying objects in a love rival's living quarters. "They should just put a Doggyo business card there," she said sardonically. Ouch.

The husband, so in love with his new employer still, has three main topics of conversation: Doggyo, his new iPhone, and various podcasts he discovers. The children wanted to offer him a reward over Labor Day if he could get through an entire day without using the words "Doggyo", "iPhone", or "podcast." He refused to even try. "There's nothing I want enough."

At just turned eight, Iris Uber Alles has decided that her father is not cool. He's "Dorky McDork of the Dorks." Somehow, unbelievably enough, I am still officially cool. I'm enjoying it while it lasts, but I don't harbor any illusions that I can stay on that wave and ride it through the teen years.


hughman said...

LOL. poor poor SH. the girls should buy him a pen holder for his shirt pocket.

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