Tuesday, September 18, 2007

cranky pants!

There's nothing like coming back from a relaxing long weekend away and plunging into a life of crankiness and errands. I can feel every bit of relaxation being stripped away from me. Right now, my shoulders are a mass of pulsating knots, and I have a pounding headache (undoubtedly a tension headache).

Why? All day I've been behind. I woke up to a hideous mountain of laundry, a filthy house, stinking catboxes, and a husband who reminded me as I was reading the morning paper that I stupidly invited another family over for a dinner party tomorrow night. "Motherfucker!" was my sprightly rejoinder.

The day didn't improve much. It was my day to work at Lola's pre-k. The pre-k boys were tearing around like rabid weasels. Lola had a giant tantrum leaving school because I carried her grape juice. We were late to get Iris. Lola had a second giant tantrum because I refused to walk in place and play other games on the way to get Iris(I was paying by the minute for Iris's care). Lola's idiotic cat has been growling and hissing non-stop.

Today I think my biggest accomplishment was not getting into a traffic accident. Sigh.


Trouble said...

Sometimes, I think my biggest accomplishment is not turning off the alarm clock and actually getting out of bed. It sucks to be a grownup at times.

Anonymous said...

Just you wait, Miss Thang! We are going to get you uber-relaxed in a couple of weeks! I can't wait to see you in your individual state, temporarily freed from the roles of wife and mother! (Not that those are a bad thing, but I know that taking the time to focus on myself as an individual makes me a better friend, partner, employee, etc.)