Tuesday, September 25, 2007

fear her

At the breakfast table this morning, Lola announced, "I am God! Watch out for me!" and chuckled demoniacally.

"What??" was my clever, witty response.

Lola gave a double take and looked at me and then said in a false voice, "Just kidding."


hughman said...

she's clearly pulled the wool over your eyes.

2amsomewhere said...

I am reminded of a line from Night Court where two people were arguing because one of them claimed to be God. The other asserted, "He can't be God." A third person asked the complainant "Why not?" To which the complainant fired back, "Because I am!" Perhaps you could have applied this little use case of petty blasphemy to your situation?


hughman said...

i agree with 2AM, "I AM GOD!" would be both true and quench her power!