Monday, September 03, 2007

it's the Labor Day internetethon!

We had a hard day today, the raccoon-mauled kitten and me. He was very low energy and refused to eat any Fancy Feast or get off the couch. I checked his hydration (incidentally here is the Quick Hydration Test, which works on people & cats alike: pinch a fold of skin. Let go. Does it return to its orginal shape immediately, or does it stay pinched for a while? If it stays ridged/pinched up, you --- or whoever you pinched--- are dehydrated). He was dehydrated. I got out my hydration stuff and gave him some subcutaneous fluids, even breaking out a nice new butterfly needle for the occasion, but the kitten was not amused. He bit my hand, drawing blood, as I was pumping in the fluids. I was glad to see him taking any kind of action, although I was not thrilled to get another hand injury (I sprained a finger in the garden yesterday, which is quite painful, and I am still nursing a burn on one hand from the Sober Husband's caramel lemon birthday cake). Pretty soon I'll be reduced to typing with stumps.

I took the kitten over to see the head of my kitten rescue program, bugging her on Labor Day. For her (and she is the ultimate crazy cat lady, which I say with all due respect and affection), he ate a little baby food. Possibly that was because he felt better due to the fluids I'd given him, or possibly it was because she is a more accomplished crazy cat lady than I am. Either way, we decided not to take him to the veterinary E.R. unless he goes further downhill. I'm going to force-feed him with a syringe and give him sub-q fluids if need be, plus continue his meds.

And if you're feeling emotionally involved in this, feel free to donate to help pay his medical bills. Exciting sponsor thank you packages available!

We currently have $230 in pledges and donations, hoping to gain another $170 (if we were to go over the poor mangled baby's $400 vet bill, any overage will be donated to the kitten rescue, a registered 501(c)(3)).


hughman said...

i hope you're prepared to sing "when you walk through a storm" at the end like jerry lewis does!

Silliyak said...

The hydration test is called the turgor test. One of my favorite trivia bits from EMS. For people, your skin becomes less responsive with age also, so it may not snap back like it was did even if you are hydrated.
Also the ability to type with stumps is underrated. I just type like I have stumps.

hughman said...

FYI, i've been pinching myself about every 10 minutes for the last 2 hours.

Captain Steve said...

I am hydrated, thanks, though I will share that little tidbit of info with everyone I see today. I want to contribute, but I'm having trouble with Paypal, possibly because I am completely computer inept. Possible to send check?

the Drunken Housewife said...

Dear Capt. Steve, why of course, your check is very welcome. You can send it to me at Box #452 2261 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114. And, as we used to say at Burning Man: Piss clear! (For those who may not know: he other classic dehydration test is glancing at your urine. Clear = perfect hydration! The darker the color, the worse your dehydration).