Wednesday, July 11, 2007

not sparkly enough

"I want a new mommy," announced four year-old Lola.

"What? You want to replace me?"

"No! Then I'd have two mommies!" She put her hands by her face and gazed off dreamily.

"What would you do with two mommies?"

"My new one would be sparkly! Sparkly mommy!"


hughman said...

so you need to be more sparkly it seems!!

yays and princess dancing!!!

Silliyak said...

You're not sparkly? I've been misled! Hrumph! I don't know if I can continue on in my position as Mr.Drunken Househusband and continue to perform the vital functions required by that previously lofty post. I feel so violated, so dirty, used even...

Freewheel said...

Find yourself a sparkly babysitter and take the day off. Problem solved.

2amsomewhere said...

Coming soon to a Bay Area independent bookseller near you... Lola Wants Two Mommies.

Maybe it's time to invest in some body glitter?


the Drunken Housewife said...

I actually do have some body glitter, a glitter lipstick, and a glitter gel stick for hair, although I seldom break these things out. But evidently I don't use enough sparkling products in my daily beauty routine to satisfy certain fashion girls.