Wednesday, July 11, 2007

a good cause, a local Angelina Jolie

I happen to know a very energetic woman who is about to adopt an orphan from Ghana to join her family, which already contains three African children, adopted before Angelina Jolie and Madonna adopted their African children (but, in the interests of fairness, possibly after Ms. Jolie adopted Maddox from Cambodia). Like Angelina Jolie, Heidi Kilgore is thin and beautiful and oh so much less lazy than your drunken ocrrespondent.

Anyhow, the new addition to this adorable family will come from Enedaso House, a new orphanage being built by Adoption Advocates International, one of the few adoption agencies doing Ghanaian adoptions. Here you can see the first orphans accepted by Enedaso House playing:

And, for Bay Area types:

Please join us July 14th, 10am-noon at Glen Park Playground for..

of a new orphanage in Ghana

A Family Fun Free Morning of
**Music (African Drummer James Henry, and local dads :o)
**Face Painting**Clown fun**
**Soccer Games for Kids**
Bring a picnic and join the fun!

Heidi will have bins at the event to collect donations, which she will personally take to the orphanage this summer:

-children's vitamins
-Slightly worn or new clothes (12mo.-10yrs, light jackets, sweaters, shoes, even undies!)
-basic first aid supplies (band-aids, Neosporin, etc.)
-slightly worn or new single bed sheets
-dress-up clothes/dramatic play (Dr.Kits, toy-tools,etc)
-children's musical instruments
-educational videos//DVDs
-VCR or DVD Player
-jump ropes
-uninflated soccer balls, basketballs, other balls, ball pump, needles, pop-up soccer goals
-tooth brushes and tooth paste
-puzzles and other manipulatives--can't hardly get these in Ghana
-educational type toys (legos, anything hands on)
-paperback preschool-2nd grade level books
-notebooks of drawing paper
-fat pencils and sharpener
-sidewalk chalk
-kids paint
-paint brushes
-glue sticks
-kids scissors
-construction paper

The Sober Husband has taken this as a good excuse to clean out our garage, and poor Lola has been squabbling with him all week over what toys should be given to the poor children. "Why you got to give them this?"

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