Friday, July 27, 2007

it's time to Answer the Readers' Questions again (so ask already)

One of the occasional features of this blog is Ask the Sober Husband, where readers submit their questions for the Sober Husband (usually either questions about scientific issues or cats) and I compel the poor man to write up some answers. This time, we'll try a new variation. Tell us about your problem/issue/quandary
/burning curiosity for knowledge, and you'll get a (possibly helpful) response from both the Drunken Housewife and the Sober Husband.

Leave your question in the comments or, if you wish to be more clandestine, email it to


hughman said...

all i wanna know is more about the parrot. does it talk? what's its name? how do the cats respond? the kids? etc, etc.

hughman said...

also, do the girls read junie b.?

2amsomewhere said...

As a onetime owner of a medium sulfur crested cockatoo, I second hughman's parrot query.

As for my own dilemmas and quandries, well, you know all about them, so I won't even bother. :-p


Silliyak said...

Can hallucinations have IQ's?

Missy said...

I feel terribly mundane with my own request for knowledge. What's the DH's favorite recipe that Sober Husband likes--but also does not involve the more pricey of ingredients and the more time consuming of preparation?

hughman said...

oooo melissa - that's a good one. especially with all the veg. guidelines! i picture the SH wolfing down big macs on the DL.