Sunday, July 29, 2007

in our car

"You drive so slow! Are you trying to drive me crazy? Is there a reason you can't drive at the speed limit?" said the Drunken Housewife to the Sober Husband.

A debate followed regarding whether it is safer to drive ten miles below the speed limit, as that theoretically gives you a greater following distance and stopping time behind all the traffic traveling at the speed limit, or whether it is safer to travel at the prevailing speed of traffic in order to avoid provoking one's spouse to madness and possibly driving other drivers into potentially lethal road rage.

"You should drive like me, graceful and effortless! I drive like a swan!" said the Drunken Housewife.

"I think I drive like a swan!" said the Sober Husband defensively.

"Kids, who drives more like a swan? Mommy or Daddy?"

Seven year-old Iris Uber Alles: "Mom!", followed by a several block-long critique of the Sober Husband's driving.

Four year-old Lola: complete silence (probably the wisest course of action).


Silliyak said...

Theories are indeed like assholes, everybody has one, but some are full of shit. In this case, I believe you have to look at each situation in the individual context. Are you holding up traffic? If so, and you are not pulling over to let people by, you could be ticketed. Generally "flow of traffic" is best, but when I was commuting on 580 I was impeding traffic in the slow lane when I was doing 70. And a good friend, who is a very good, AND slow driver, is the only person I know with smashed bugs on his BACK window.

hughman said...

i admit i agree with Lola here. driving slower here in LA is cause for ire but then again one is prone to less accidents, and if you are involved it is less to be your fault.

Anonymous said...

My grandparents and I once drove five hours together. My Paw Paw and I took turns driving, which is the only thing that saved my sanity. His driving technique, which he is very proud of, is to get in the middle lane and drive five miles an hour below the speed limit.

JKG said...

In a car I go with the flow. On my moto, I usually go a little faster than the flow. That makes me the actor, rather than the reactor, and for the most part eliminates dangers from behind. It also allows me to anticipate other drivers' blindspots and to stay ahead of them in their decision-making process. It's speed as a defensive-driving posture.