Monday, May 21, 2007

umm, how about a My Little Pony-themed piece of plastic crap instead?

"I want to buy a toy gun," said four year-old Lola, "a plastic one."

"Why?" I asked, surprised.

With the air of tired patience a genius must have when dealing with an imbecile, Lola said, "So I can pretend it's a real gun."


2amsomewhere said...

In keeping with the comment of one of your readers:

All you have to do is use the word "porn" in one of your posts.

I'll throw in this marginally relevant reference to a Brunching Shuttlecocks quiz about whether a name belongs to a Porn Star or a My Little Pony.

Anonymous said...

All right, now that's funny.

Did you dare ask why she wanted to pretend she had a real gun? Texzmissy