Wednesday, May 16, 2007

our never-ending case study of a four year-old hypochondriac

"I have a boy's voice, NOT a girl's voice," complains Lola. She feels this is a biological mistake, an error which cannot be fixed but must be borne by the afflicted. Indeed, contemplating her sad fate, she sunk her head in her arms and mourned.


hughman said...

let her know having a boy's voice is not so tragic. indeed it can have a great effect in "getting your way". i often pull out the "boy's voice" when i am angry. people sit up and take notice.

Unknown said...

I have kind of a breathy voice myself, but a wide range. I have had people repeatedly call my answering machine (back in the days when I was single and left messages on it myself) to listen to the message over and over again. "It's like melted butter", my ex brother-in-law used to say. But when I'm pissed, I can get a commanding sound.