Thursday, May 31, 2007


This week is the last week of preschool. Lola and many of her cohorts are "graduating"; they're leaving behind the carefree days of preschool to go on to kindergarten (or, in Lola's case, pre-k).

Today I came in to pick up Lola and saw that the director of our preschool was looking very upset and teary. This woman is normally a model of equanimity. Concerned, I asked one of the parents who'd worked at the school today whether there had been some family tragedy. This mom laughed and said, "Oh, it's because it's the end of the year, and so many kids are graduating." Awww, that just melted my heart: what a wonderful preschool director to be crying over saying goodbye to the little hellions.

After school, one of the other mommies remarked, "I don't remember her getting so upset last year at the end of the year."

"Maybe our kids are cuter than those kids?" I speculated.


Anonymous said...

tears of happiness maybe????

the Drunken Housewife said...

Touche, lemonjuicer, touche!

crazymumma said...

tears of relief I would say.....

hughman said...

she will misss having babies who are rock stars. and who snore REAL LOUD!!

Anonymous said...


Sorry I haven’t been much of a commenter lately. Some of your more personally important posting has happened over the last month-and-a-half or so and I’ve been loathe to post a simple word or two. Yet I haven’t had the energy to do justice to some of the things you’ve been writing. But I have been reading.

It has been like riding down into and then, slowly, out of a dark place. Your life is clearly very busy every single day. Lately it seems insomnia, depression and a raft of other small extras have combined forces to sink your boat dangerously low in the water. What in the normal course of your life is simply the busyness of a calendar over-stocked with kids and kittens was becoming a compounding series of burdens seriously bereft of joy.

It was hard to watch. I get the sense that any one of the fibers of your life is fundamental to your genuine happiness with yourself. But there is very little space in your world for breathing, other than this ‘blog. Or so it seems through the pinhole you grant us.

As someone who has enjoyed your writing and, in a vicarious way, your life (and therefore yourself), I must admit to feeling a little frantic. Also a little guilty for not putting up a single line of support during that time (which seems to be coming gradually to a temporary reprieve).

You’re on a great adventure with incredible ship-mates. You’re a sensible, incisive and perceptive person. If I may be so bold and please allow me to beg your pardon and etc., but the saver of kittens, protector and gardener of children, and humanizer of sober husbands should feel confident in enlisting the aid of those kittens, children and husbands in those rare moments when she needs to create an empty hole in the calendar to fill only with herself.

I can only imagine how impossible that must seem when put up against the demands of two very busy and scheduled childhoods and the requirements of a small menagerie of helpless felines.

But from an outside perch, watching some pretty bleak countryside receding in the rearview and knowing (from personal experience) that that landscape crops up regularly (thought hopefully not often), I would hope you can find the occasional clear and quiet pool in which to realign your molecules.

Sorry for the florid run-ons.

You’re doing great, says this fan.

Anonymous said...

Well, of course your child's class is more endearing than previous ones.

I have often noticed that myself with my own children.

Actually, DH, on another subject, I have a question for the Sober Husband. Yes, I've been wracking my brain lately for an excuse to ask him another question. Pathetic, but we ignorant people who made donut runs during physics class are pathetic.

I am a regular member of a forum that discusses crimes, particularly famous ones, and the case of Laci Peterson is still dragging on. There is one die-hard Scott defender, who insists that the wave action of the Bay was not enough to tie the twine around the fetal corpse of Connor Peterson.

Currently, the defender is claiming no physics expert would attribute the twine knot to natural wave action.

I am begging Sober Husband to weigh in--cause he's smarter than this other person, who is also a defense attorney.

I really need to get a life, but if Sober Husband is up for it,I'd be grateful for his answer.

Texzmissy (who's also too lazy to figure out how to get her password back from Google.)