Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I can't see a difference yet

This morning was a hectic one, and I was darting about feverishly trying to do laundry, bottlefeed tiny kittens, clean litterboxes, feed the parrot, make coffee, water the garden, pack Lola's lunch, etc.., etc... despite a fever and sinus infection causing a pounding headache. As I did this, Lola followed me around, waving a pretend magic wand at my rump and shouting over and over again, "Turn this butt into a fairy!"


Chris said...
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Anonymous said...

If the wand works - please let us know. I want one, too!

I'd love to turn one of my body parts into piles of cash - large bills!

2amsomewhere said...

You have a parrot? I don't recall you blogging about this.


Trouble said...

Couldn't she wave her wand over my butt and say, "turn this fat into muscle?"

THAT is something that would really be helpful.

Anonymous said...

Too cute!

While she's at it, maybe she can try waving her wand over my tummy and making it flast, like a washboard!