Monday, May 21, 2007

do me a faaaaaavor

Yes, I know your Drunken Housewife has been oddly demanding of late. Read "The Lucifer Effect", help me honor the troops, etc.., etc... When will it ever end? Well, I have one more request, and then hopefully I'll shut my favor-seeking yap and get back to snarky anecdotes.

Yesterday out of curiosity I checked this blog's Google pagerank (not that I'm obsessive; it was only the second time I've done that). The pagerank had gone up, which was nice, I suppose, but that and two dollars will buy me a Red Bull. Then I had a wild hair and checked the pagerank of the Sober Husband's company, and I discovered that it has the same pagerank as this blog. That just slayed me. I had a good laugh at that, at the expense of this poor fledgling start-up (of course, the joke's on me as they had some good sales this week, and what cash have I generated? None).

Now I have formulated the frivolous ambition of increasing this blog's pagerank so that it exceeds that of the husband's high-tech start-up, the source of this motley household's income. I think it would be hi-larious if my little hobby blog were deemed, by the sacred measures of online commerce and search engine statistics, to be more important than the online presence of an award-winning, publicity-gathering, venture capital-spending high tech company. You, my dears, can help me achieve this goal. Just jam some link to somewhere where the precious little spiders will creep over it. Put a link on a blog, a bulletin board, a comment somewhere... flattering, unflattering, in English or not, it's all peachy. If this blog advances in pagerank, I'll be oh so motivated to thank those who made it all possible for me to lord it over my husband; why, I'll just slave my little fingers to the bone typing out little stories for y'all.


Freewheel said...

This is easy. All you have to do is use the word "porn" in one of your posts. Ever since I announced my bike porn contest, my google hits have skyrocketed. Speaking of which, don't forget to send me your contest submission by June 1!

2amsomewhere said...

You're already in the "Larger Voices Calling" honor roll of my blog. What more could you possibly ask for? ;-)

I'll put in an additional plug encouraging others to do the same.


Anonymous said...

Unknown said...

Hey, being a published author on the subject I feel I can speak to this one :-)

Google doesn't really value any old link from any old site. What Google cares about is links coming from high quality websites that are relevant to your own site. Why? Because Google's opinion of a site's "authority" comes largely from its perception that you are being awarded links in an editorial style, based on the merit of your site.

Cramming links into comments of other blogs, especially if done excessively, can actually be damaging to your search visibility.

As a professional SEO, I don't really follow PR values any more, although I can get behind your desire to beat out the SH's company.

Last I checked, by the way, Google's PR was only updated every few months, so you may not see immediate changes.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions about traffic or web metrics or other SEO stuff!

the Drunken Housewife said...

Freewheel, I already get too many hits from people searching such things as "naked housewife", "horny housewife", "older housewife naked", and so on... Somehow, I don't wish to encourage this; I don't want my blog overly associated with the dashed hopes of the pornseekers.

Here is my dilemma: I actually just want people landing on the site who may wish to enjoy it, rather than people getting here mistakenly and clicking off immediately. On the other hand, I want my pagerank to exceed the husband's company's. But, as Jen (hi, Jen! I miss you!) points out, the pagerank stats are not frequently updated, and it's a real possibility that the man might be in a new job by the time they are next updated, leaving this whole quixotic quest moot.

hughman said...

oooo... the dominatrix iin you appears!

Anonymous said...

I linked you twice in a post I made today. The first was legit, with no teasers, just a simple reference. The other link promised the hope of seeing pictures of Nancy Pelosi's breasts (which has delivered many readers to my blog over the last several months - some who stay and become regular readers/commenters - go figure.)

I'll let you know which outclick was more popular.

Amy said...

I've already linked to you a couple of times in my blog because you are so interesting. You might want to try just promoting your blog: enter contests, whatever. (I have no idea how this is done, but it can't be *that* difficult.) I'm sure people will read and link to it once they find it.