Tuesday, March 27, 2007

who's zooming who?

Lola decided to train Iris Uber Alles's pet rats last night. "Not Curly* is so dumb!" she shouted. "He is so stupid! He ate a whole box of treats without learning to do anything!"

I felt "Not Curly" had demonstrated his superior intellect by scamming a whole box of yogurt drops without doing any work, but Lola insisted he is "so dumb!"

* Lola calls the rats "Curly" and "Not Curly." Iris calls them "Cutebone" and "Goosebye."


Anonymous said...

I ate an entire box of chocolate donuts last night, and as this is not my first time to do so I have to say I'm more like Not Curly than I like to admit.

hughman said...

what was she teaching them to do? was IUA involved? finally, how many more pets are there?

Anonymous said...

boy, seems like the hughman has lots and lots of questions.

hughman said...

LOL. i am very inquisitive and always like to hear all the details. it's the writer in me.

the Drunken Housewife said...

These rats are no secret; I blogged about them last July!

I have no idea what she was trying to accomplish; Iris was upstairs watching "The Simpsons" on her father's ipod.

hughman said...

i missed the "rats" post. oops.

my guess is she was trying to teach the rats how to :

1. dance like fashion girls
2. freeze so their legs don't work
3. sing the "oh yeah, oh yeah..." song

hard to do with only one box of treats.