Friday, March 23, 2007

it's about time for another reader contest

We haven't held a reader contest here at the Drunken Housewife in a long time, AND the timing seems auspicious: we're coming up on this blog's first birthday! So here, without further ado, I present to you the First, Possibly Annual, Readers' Photo Contest.

This was inspired by a visit to the famous Joe My God blog, where Joe has a gallery of his readers' submitted photos (and two of his readers have found love, or at least consummated lust, which began through ogling each other's pictures). But don't worry, I'm not doing this to get my readers hit on (unless, of course, they want to be hit on, in which case we'll subtly highlight their availability and fabulosity in our witty captions). Also, I was looking for something to commemorate the year of blogging.

The Contest
: submit a photo of yourself, dear reader. It's as simple as that.

Of course, the shyest ones need not show their dear faces (yet what are you ashamed of? It's not as if you're going public as a reader of "Bestiality Unbound Blog" or "Fungal Infection Fetishists" or "Confessions of the Pathetic and Lifeless" (oh, wait, maybe that last one does apply, sigh, but only to me). You could obscure your face with a laptop computer, book, Halloween mask, pitcher of beer, &tc...

The best pictures will be in the spirit of the blog. For example, you could submit a picture of yourself chopping down a magnolia tree (email me if you'd like some assistance setting up that photo shoot! I have a location!) or enjoying a cocktail or shampooing a cat suffering from ringworm or suffering at a Little League game. One of the judges will be awarding bonus points for tasteful or, dare we say, gratuitous, nudity.

How To Enter: email a digital photo to Easy as pie.

The Judges: Our dear and indefatigable commenter Hughman will be joining the Drunken Housewife as a celebrity guest judge. In the event of a tie vote (or if we just feel like it), Iris Uber Alles will be invoked as Judge Uber Alles.

Readers who do not regularly comment are invited to break the ice and join in, and we are hoping to see the regulars weigh in. Our last competition yielded some fabulous entries; this one will take a smidgen more effort, but y'all are surely up to the challenge.

The Prizes: There will be a variety of prizes, such as a blog entry on the topic of your choice (you command, I write according to your whim, answering any questions you may have OR you guest write on the topic of your choice!), a copy of the CNN headline news item featuring the Drunken Housewife leading a chained slave (not the Sober Husband) on a leash, a volume from the Drunken Housewife's own collection, original artwork by Iris Uber Alles and Lola... The prizes will depend upon whether the winner wishes to divulge a mailing address and also just how fabulous the photos were (if the pictures are incredible, the prizes will be, too).

Deadline: submit your pictures as soon as possible, but before April 2, 2007. April 3 is the one year anniversary of this blog, and we'll announce some winners then.

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Silliyak said...

Does this mean you are going to continue the ongoing instituionalized discrimination against Fungal Infection Fetishists? Fie on you I say! I am SO disappointed.