Monday, March 26, 2007

the joys of family

This story comes from a friend of mine:

My dad's first cousin - one of seventeen - died last week. I didn't know her. She had MS for years and developed sclerodoma in the lungs. She was 57 with a husband and two grown kids. My parents generation was very sad, and they and my grandmother traveled to Denver over the weekend for the funeral.

"How was it?" I asked my mom this morning.

"Your grandmother was soooo inappropriate! She wore a black velour warm up suit with rhinestones on it!"

Ah, family.


hughman said...

the rhinestones huh? eek!

DH - have you ever seen Leslie Hall of "Gem Sweater" fame?

Anonymous said...

Velour!? outrageous! No velour before Memorial day, everybody knows that! Come on, People!

Anonymous said...

As you may recall, my mother-in-law famously work a fire-engine red track suit to my father's funeral because he died during the Christmas season.