Monday, March 26, 2007

listen up

So, as the more observant reader may have noted, we have a contest going on: the First, Possibly Annual, Reader Photo Contest. The entries are trickling in very, very slowly (we note that Silliyak has made good use of Photoshop in preparing an apt entry, and we also note that Jack's Raging Mommy is a hotty. The Drunken Housewife had already committed to getting drunk and making out with Jack's Raging Mommy should they ever be in the same metropolitan area BEFORE seeing the pictures, and now she's seen the pictures, she's... well... we'll just move on to the next topic).

How to enter: email a picture to Pictures need not show your face, for those who are in the closet for some reason or another. They should capture you in a Drunken Housewife moment (now, this can be very easy. Find a cat or an alcoholic beverage as a prop, and there you are! It can be more ambitious, of course).

Why enter: to win fabulous prizes and celebrate one year of the Drunken Housewife! But more than that, it's a boring, sober, cold old world out there, and we have to huddle together to create some fun. You've been amusing yourself at the expense of my worn out old synapses and tired typing fingers (did you even notice when I wrote under the influence? Although most posts are caffeine-fueled, there were a few tipsy ones). Now it's time to go to to a tiny little bit of effort for our April 3d anniversary party. I'm looking forward to some more fun pictures. For example, our commentator Tammy/vtprettypictures is (and I say this in the nicest possible way, as a compliment) a drunken housewife with a digital camera, and so what excuse would there be for her not entering our fabulous contest? None, I say, none.

love, your old Drunken Housewife (and celebrity guest judge Hughman)


hughman said...

ooo.. i love it when you wear the stilletto boots.

Silliyak said...

I'm guessing vino rather than caffeine here.

the Drunken Housewife said...

Nope, that one was caffeine & Frosted Flakes.

hughman said...

sillyiak, maybe you thought the DH was on the vino because of what she said about jack's raging mommy.

but no. as a gay man, i can tell you she is HOT HOT HOT. give me a great bottle of vive cliquot and i'd go to 2nd base with her.

you and her are the front runners thus far.

M said...

er... what's the deadline, again? I'd love to set something up with Ninjai and a bottle of champagne! (or Bruce, but Ninjai is usually SO much more cooperative...)