Friday, March 23, 2007

our celebrity guest judge weighs in!

Following the earlier announcement of the First, Possibly Annual, Reader Photo Contest, our celebrity guest judge, Hughman, has taken a moment to share his thoughts:

Gentle Readers -

As an honored Celebrity Judge for this Drunken Housewife contest, I want to assure you that I don't take my responsibility lightly. I promise to uphold the integrity and, you know, other stuff for this hallowed occasion. Here are my qualifications :

1. I look great in black. (Slimming! Hello!)

2. I have a big gavel. Make of this what you will.

3. While I have, in the past, been a judge for modeling competitions (really!) I perceive this to be more a contest in the spirit of the DH, not a beauty pageant. Beauty is , as we know, in the eye of the beholder. I'll be looking for "joi de vie"! and "espirit de things"! Therefore, if you aren't - for example - a hunky male who sends in a shirtless picture of yourself sweating shamelessly over building orphanages for wayward children, you will not be discounted.

4. Props always help. Especially props which refer to our own DH and her eccentric household. Examples include cats, glasses of wine, pirouetting "fashion girls" and dour confused partners.

As Our Lady of The Photo, Tyra Banks, would say - "SHOW SOME BEDONKA-DONK"!

Finally, we know who you consistent commenters are. We have your e-mail addresses, your blog site names and, quite possibly, your political opinions. We'd hate to see you shamed on the Internets as a wall flower in this expression of community. The question is - "what do YOU bring to the party?


Kiss kiss -

Your Honorable Guest Judge Hughman


nikki said...

wow. a guest judge as fancy pants as the Hughman!

the Drunken Housewife said...

Get your entry in, Susie!!

hughman said...

i've already commanded her to work on it.

nikki said...

Yeah. we will see...
but I know the truth about this contest!!!
I know the truth!

the Drunken Housewife said...

The REAL truth is that it would make me so happy to be able to put some faces to the names/commenters, and I need to do something to celebrate wrapping up the year!

Silliyak said...

So, how big IS your gavel? Do you have a name for it? Are you going to submit a picture (with a ruler next to it)?

nikki said...

I have to know all of the rules of this contest!
I don't know that they were stated...

Silliyak said...

Sorry I believe there IS an age exclusion, anyone over 225 in their profile is disallowed. Don't blame me, I don't make up the rules. (smirk)

the Drunken Housewife said...

Susie, we don't have a lot of rules. Scroll down a little and read where it was announced. Just send in a picture by April 2nd of yerself, which is somehow in keeping with the spirit of the Drunken Housewife. Now, that should be easy for you. You could pose with Hughman and some booze, for example. Or with cats. Or be a fashion girl!

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