Saturday, November 11, 2006

Iris, songwriter for the ages

Yesterday, Iris enjoyed quite a bit of internet buzz. Famed political blog Wonkette wrote,
Six year old writes awesome lyrics: “I am a rockstar, and I pee everywhere with my penis”
after noticing a mention of Iris's song on the Freewheeling Spirit. Subsequently, the Daily Kos featured Iris's song in the Daily Cheers and Jeers:
JEERS to what Rumsfeld gets to walk away from scot-free. Iraq's Health Minister now estimates that 150,000 civilians have been killed as a result of our misguided invasion. To put that in perspective, think of it this way: Syracuse, New York---Poof!---you're a ghost town. (Knock off the looting, Chittenango.)


And now, a pleasant pastoral interlude featuring the song stylings of a six year-old girl. Please...delight us with your latest composition:

"I am a rock star and I pee everywhere with my penis!"


I showed these sites to Iris, and her initial reaction was muted. "But I wrote that song for Lucy!" Next, she was miffed that she was described as a six year-old, because she has turned seven recently. Finally, after some thought, she became excited. "I'm famous!" Then her mood dampened slightly: "But now that I am seven, what can I do?" She feels a need to top herself. Now that her penis song has been celebrated, what will be her next lyrical inspiration? (I'm predicting butts).


Anonymous said...

maybe a remix of the Pee Song?!

Anonymous said...

Farting was always featured prominently in the musings of my 2 boys. I understand they have that in common with President Bush.

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! You have a talented daughter. Sounds as if she would get along well with my girls. They have been known to sit around, leafing through Hering's Guiding Symptoms or my pathology books in search of inspirational lyrics with which to thoroughly nauseate their grandparents.
Love your blog... will be back :)

Freewheel said...

It's hard to imagine now, but just think -- pre-internet her genius would have been appreciated by only a select few.

Anonymous said...

I'm setting my Tivo for VH-1's Iris Behind The Music!