Thursday, November 02, 2006

children at play

The children were dressing up with scarves and shawls, and they said they were being Italian girls. In this household, Italian has come to be synonymous with fabulous, all stemming from a fateful trip to Rome and Venice when Iris was an impressionable 2 1/2.

Lola, who was only in Italy in utero, hasn't quite got the flavor of it the way Iris did. She said that her headdress had come from "an Italian Disney store. That is right, it is Italian and it is Disney." Then Lola went on to say, "I was talking to my cat, and I told him that once upon a time I was on 'Survivor', and I was so really beautiful, and it was like fashion!" Four years old, and clearly she's been exposed to too much reality TV. Sigh. Too much reality TV, and not enough Italy.

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