Friday, November 24, 2006

advice which comes too late

Some poor soul in Texas landed on my blog yesterday after googling for "how to get rat urine out of oven." I couldn't help imagining the Thanksgiving in that household, with the cook fleeing from the urinous oven in horror. Also, once again, I pondered, "Why the hell would you google that? Why not just get some cleaning supplies and get on with it?"

But in the interests of providing a public service, albeit one which comes too late to aid the benighted cooks of Texas, the Drunken Housewife presents How To Get Rat Urine Out Of An Oven:

First, remove all rats from oven.
Next, obtain the cleaning supply of your choice, preferably in spray bottle form.
Optional: put on rubber gloves.
Spray your favorite cleaning liquid around in the oven.
Wipe off.
If you want to be extra meticulous, dilute some bleach in water (just a tiny capful of bleach is enough for a whole spray bottle), and spray this over the oven surface. Wipe off after five-ten minutes. However, I personally think this is overkill, because the oven's going to heat up and kill off any germs.

Bon appetit!


Anonymous said...

HA! this was from texas! you assume the rats were gone or put in the oven unintentionally! hee hee.

Anonymous said...

HA :)
Actually, I had this problem last year. My dad had given us a nearly new gas stove (a very very nice one) that he had bought just previously to buying a new home that already had a fabulous stove in it. It sat in his garage over the winter, where some mice too the opportunity to take up residence.
You cannot get the "smell" out without replacing ALL of the stove/oven's insulation. Our appliance guy told me outside the cost of the replacement insulation it would cost us 200.00 since he would have to completely dismantle it outside, dispose of old insulation, hose it down, scrub it, and re-assemble.. in other words an all day job.

Pass that on to the Texan ;)

Anonymous said...

Also, since it was from Texas, they were just looking for how MUCH dynamite to use. There was probably a big drunken argument over whether to use a whole or half stick. I'd tell them it was probably an Islamic Extremist rat and they should go with 2 sticks!

nikki said...

Now, as a Texan who has never (as far as I know) ever had a rat in the oven, I say thou shall not take the name of Texas in vain.

Oh, and I would imagine that rat urine might make meat loaf more tasty...
I am just saying...