Thursday, November 02, 2006

I got too good

So, my major artistic endeavor of the year is always the children's Halloween costumes. This year, I didn't sew for Iris, instead helping her assemble a cat costume from purchased black clothes, but I did sew Lola an orange cat costume. (Lest this be seen as favoritism, here is a list of Difficult Costumes I Slaved Over for Iris: bumblebee, Tinky Winky, Jessie the Yodelling Cowgirl from Toy Story II, the ballgown Belle wore when she danced with the Beast -- but pink & jewelled, and Princess Leia's iconic white dress. There was a bit of a fright there when it seemed Iris wanted to be Princess Leia in captivity -- "When Jabba the Hutt captures Princess Leia, he makes her wear beautiful clothes!" - but I talked her down). Lola still hasn't racked up that number (Lola's handmade costumes so far are Medieval Princess and Al the Idiotic Orange Cat).

Now, normally Halloween is also the time of year when I get the ego rewards which the existence of a stay-at-home mother normally precludes. This year, people loved my costume (purchased black Venetian mask, appropriate make-up, the one formal gown I own I can still fit into), and they loved Lola the orange cat, but everyone assumed I'd purchased the costume, and I didn't get a one of my normal, head-swelling compliments. I've crossed over the boundary where my costumes look purchased/professionally made. I'd have to go with a crazy fabric clearly not sold on the mass market in order to look homemade again.

Anyhow, Lola was a great orange cat, she was warm, she was cosy. I was glamorous and Italian looking, which I wish I were always. We got a lot of candy. Iris was kind of cranky about not meeting up with her new best friend, who was trick-or-treating clear across town, and Anton ended up going with no costume whatsoever, but her giant bag of candy cheered her up.

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