Friday, June 09, 2006

"oh, just like 'Little Women'"

Ages ago, I had an old, childfree friend coming over for drinks, and I wasn't home when she arrived. My husband explained that I was out delivering food to an ill preschool teacher, and my friend remarked amusedly, "Oh, just like in 'Little Women.'" Well, it's been just like in "Little Women" here a lot lately. Preschool teachers are dropping like flies.

Last week we delivered a meal to Iris's former pre-k teacher, who was laid up following bunion surgery. Today, I cooked for Lucy's current teacher, who was hit by a taxi when crossing a street. I completely overcooked for her, because I was seized by the knowledge that I'm going away tomorrow for a week and I will have no access to a kitchen and no ability to cook. I love cooking, and I don't know quite what to do with myself if I can't cook. So I spent half the day laboring over a hot stove on the pretense of cooking for Lucy's teacher (of course, I doubled everything so we could have some of it all as well). I made spicy cauliflower, tortilla a la Espanola, Sicilian eggplant spread (to go with storebought artisanal bread), and a chocolate cake.


Anonymous said...

I'm pissed at myself for missing tortilla espanola. Sorry to flake out; I have HUGE amounts of work I need to be doing but FOR SOME REASON I can't get a thing done with Violet around. I wonder why...hmm! I will miss you while you're in camp mather!

Green said...

More, MORE! Write more!

Uh, I mean, I love reading your blog and hope you post new entries soon, as I really enjoy them.

Hope you're just on vacation or something and everyone's healthy and happy. Happy Belated Father's Day to DrunkenWorkingFather.

the Drunken Housewife said...

I'm back, thanks, guys. We were on vacation w/no internet access, no telephone, no celphone coverage, no television... just plenty of bears, bugs, and small children.