Monday, June 19, 2006

Iris rates it all.

We're back from our vacation, staying in a rustic cabin at Camp Mather, and Iris filled out a guest survey:

How was your cabin/tent site? I liket the food.

Please tell us about the customer service you received during your stay. Are there any staff you would like to especially commend? i liket seeing the stars. And not hefting to go in to another room to get somthing.

Please rate the following programs from 1 (poor) to 5 (exceptional) Tie Dye 5 (exceptional) mixing colors on tie dye was nice
Swimming 4
Friday Night Dance 5 the songs were gret i was to old for the kids.
Junior Olympics 3 I was to old
Tiny Tot Olympics 3 I was to old

We conducted an Anti-Litter campaign this year to curb the amount of litter in camp. Please rate your impression of the campaign 5

The Application Process was conducted via the internet. Please rate your level of satisfaction: 6 I don't now wiye*

How do you rate the quality of the meals served during your stay? 5
What was your favorite meal? crem puffs
Comments: the food was gret. I at olmost evrey meal they served.

Camp Mather has two concessionaires. Please rate your experience with the following: Mather Corral 5 its gret.

Mather General Store 5 It has gret food.**

Laundry facilities 3 (standard) people should be ablele to do laundry.* .

Anything else you would like us to know? I rely liket my first time here. next time mebey you should make the sound at the movies a little louder. thank you goodby

* She rated this as more excellent than possible, but she observed that she didn't know why she was doing that. This is my favorite of her ratings.
** It has a huge candy section.
***note: she never went into the laundry room, and her father did the laundry.

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